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Susy Diaz Fitness & Lifestyle Branding Promo



Arte Pura Capoeira Summer Camp Promo

A short promotional piece documenting a Capoeira summer camp for children in South London.



Fusion: Documenting a musical meeting of worlds in Havana





Follow My Lead : Havana!

A six part series we filmed with Melissa Mansfield of Follow My Lead as she highights the trials and tribulations of learning to dance in Havana, Cuba.


Welcome to Havana | Episode 1 |

Travel with Melissa through the world of dance, starting with Havana, Cuba! The streets are alive with music and dance, and she’s got some big goals while she’s here. This is a dream come true and the challenge of a lifetime!

The Joy & Pain of Salsa in Havana | Episode 2 |

Salsa dancing in Havana is a dream come true – and a big challenge if you want to keep up with the sexiest salsa dancers in the world – Cubanos! Join Melissa as she navigates the ups and downs of improving her salsa styling and following skills – in the classroom and at the hottest dance spots in Havana.

My Big Dance Performance Challenge | Episode 3 |

This was her BIGGEST challenge yet: Performing with a professional Cuban dance company at one of the most popular salsa spots in Havana. She had a wonderful teacher and practiced A LOT, but still wasn’t sure if she could do it – even up until the final rehearsal on the day of the performance!



The Seduction of Rumba | Episode 4 |

Think dancing in Havana is just about salsa? Think again! In this episode, join Melissa as she explores the rich and sensual “guaguanc√≥” style of rumba. This Afro-Cuban dance form requires more than good technique to master – it’s an exercise in embodying total freedom and confidence in movement.


Mixing it Up with Rueda | Episode 5 |

Melissa couldn’t leave Cuba without an adventure in rueda! The first time she ever danced in a rueda was in Havana many years ago – and it came as a complete surprise. At the time, she had no idea this whirling, exhilarating, joyful formation existed! On this trip, she joined an advanced group of dancers and they performed for the crowd at Mil Ocho (the site of her big challenge in Episode 3). This experience was ALL about laughter, fun and NO pressure!

An Unexpected Transformation | Episode 6 |

Cuba is a very difficult place to say goodbye to. Join Melissa for her final episode as she reveals the very personal circumstances that led her to Cuba, and vow to live her life in a very different way than she’d lived before.



River/Rezo Oshun (Ibeyi) – The London Lucumi Choir