From fly on the wall documentary coverage to stylised studio photography, we know how to tell your story through images.


Here is some of what we do best:

  • Non Profit PR, Social Justice Campaigning & Photojournalism
Marches, demonstrations, parades, charity fund raising, campaign material, image bank building, news and photojournalism
  • Public Events & Promotions
Festivals, gigs, performances, theatre production, happenings, pop ups, exhibitions, shows, sports, open days, ceremonies, fashion shoots, behind the scenes, press, PR
  • Marketing & Corporate
Artists, bands, corporate headshots, products, food, businesses, demos, PR, press
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Family & Special Life Occasions
Weddings, christenings, 18+, civil partnerships, graduation , bar mitzvah, engagements, anniversary’s, world records, reaching centenary, funerals, family portraits


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Film & Video

As well as great stills we are fanatical about film and video. With our backgrounds in documentary film, journalism, community development, acting and drama, music videos, weddings, live event coverage and business PR we know how to stand back and capture events unfold organically as well as setting up interviews and directing creative, staged audio-visual material. In the editing room we can combine all of these elements into a seamless narrative that tells your story. We have a range of equipment to help us do this, including some of the latest camera, lighting, sound and editing equipment.


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Quality sound recordings can really make a difference to the success of your project. From live concerts to interviews, to ambient audio, we 20 have years of experience in the field. We have some great archive material and whatever your budget we can work with you to record live performances, ambient sound, studio recordings, professional sounding interviews and more.


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Perhaps you want to find a way to combine many audio-visual elements to tell your story. Photos, film, audio, text, we can produce and collate all these elements in a way that captivates your audience. If you need an interactive website or some funky animation or design, we will also work with our wonderful network of specialists to help you achieve that.


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Photo Art, Image Editing & Retouching

Our skills in retouching are often employed to enhance a product shot, knock a few years off a face, or send someone to another place and time.

Our new line of art work is the much sought after “Dreamscape” series. Describe to us the dreamworld you want to see you, a friend, relative or your product in and we will take you there in a single image. Our most recent commission was to set mother and daughter flying over London with a unicorn at sunset. We set up a photo-shoot and then made dreams reality in the editing room. See the results here and get in touch for details on how to get your hands on a unique piece of photo art.

Other requests include, but are not limited to:

Cut out/masking, clipping path, deep etching, and transparent background // Dust cleaning, spot cleaning // Colour correction, black and white, light and shadows etc. // Beauty retouching, skin retouching, face retouching, body retouching // Product image Retouching // Real estate image Retouching // Portrait image Retouching // Restoration and repair old images // Wedding & Event Album Designing Service


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Words & Ideas

In this image saturated age, we still believe in the power of words to inform, persuade and influence. With a BA in Latin American Studies, a Masters in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism, years of experience in the non-profit and communications sectors, Rebecca has developed her writing talents. From magazine articles, to website text, to promotional material, Rebecca can help you tell your story. As a fluent Spanish, Portuguese and English speaker, she is also available for translations. 


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Equipment & Studio Hire

We have a range of professional photography and film equipment for hire including but not limited to:


  • Professional Tripods
  • AMR Camera Rig with Matte Box
  • Beholder DS1 Camera Stabiliser
  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Quantium 1000 Lights x3
  • Yongnuo YN300III LED Camera Video Light 5500K


  • Profoto D1 1000 Lights x2 with soft boxes and umbrellas
  • Profoto Giant 150 Umbrella
  • Professional Lightmeters
  • Canon 5D Mark II


  • Zoom H4N
  • Rode Mic


Need a space? Need some professional equipment for a shoot? We have a professional editing suite and photo studio set up in our home in South London. If you are interested in renting it out or working in collaboration with us from the studio, just get in touch!

Please get in touch for a price list!

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Media Training

Our years of experience in the field, coupled with qualified teaching experience means that we can offer workshops and seminars around the world.

Perhaps you need to deliver a film workshop in the school you work at? Want a one-to-one crash course in photography? Doing a professional project but need some advice on a specific piece of equipment?


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Currently Firesoul Media are working in association with EICTV Cuba to offer a one month intensive documentary film-making workshop over the summer. Want to join us?


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